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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Request a Demo?

If you'd like a demo, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and one of our team members will contact you to setup a demo call, where we can show you a detailed look into Sync2Sell!

Which marketplaces does Sync2Sell work with?

At Sync2Sell, we currently integrate your Lightspeed Point of Sale to,, and As the ecommerce world continues to change, we plan to add additional marketplaces in the near future!

Can I expect immediate growth for my business?

While we cannot gaurantee results, we can say that most customers have seen a quick and substantial growth in their online sales when using Sync2Sell. By simplifying the process of getting your shop's items listed onto multiple marketplaces, you are able to reach a bigger market, therefore selling to customers that would not normally walk into your brick & mortar shop!

Do I have to have Lightspeed eCom to use Sync2Sell?

No. If you only use Lightspeed Retail for your business, you can use Sync2Sell to connect to different online marketplaces. However, Lightspeed eCom users tend to have better control over their own websites and product information!

What makes S2S different from other integrations?

With S2S, you can manage your online marketplace listings without ever leaving your Lightspeed Retail account. Using the Sync2Sell extension, all marketplace information is managed right there in your Retail account. You can even read and reply to messages in Lightspeed. S2S is also the only integration that allows users that only have Lightspeed Retail to sync to marketplaces!

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