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Sync2Sell Unveils Seamless Integration Enabling Shopify Users to Connect with

[Newberry, SC June 5th, 2023] - Sync2Sell, a leading e-commerce integration platform, is delighted to announce its latest innovation: a seamless integration that empowers Shopify users to effortlessly connect their online shops with, the premier marketplace for music gear.

With this new integration, Sync2Sell continues to streamline the e-commerce experience for musicians, instrument retailers, and enthusiasts worldwide. By bridging the gap between Shopify and, Sync2Sell enables sellers to expand their reach, tap into a vibrant music community, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Key Features and Benefits of the Integration:

  • Automated Synchronization: Sync2Sell's integration allows sellers to sync their Shopify inventory with seamlessly. Inventory updates, product details, pricing, and availability are automatically synchronized across both platforms, reducing manual effort and eliminating the risk of overselling.

  • Expanded Market Reach: By leveraging the power of, Shopify users gain access to a vast and passionate community of musicians, collectors, and gear enthusiasts. Sellers can showcase their products to a wider audience, increasing brand exposure and boosting sales potential.

  • Centralized Order Management: The integration ensures a centralized order management system, enabling sellers to efficiently process orders from both Shopify and through a single dashboard. This streamlined process enhances order accuracy and improves customer satisfaction.

  • Inventory and Listing Optimization: Sync2Sell's integration provides comprehensive inventory and listing management capabilities. Sellers can easily create, edit, and optimize product listings on directly from their Shopify store, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time.

"We are thrilled to unveil our latest integration, enabling Shopify users to seamlessly connect their online shops with," said Justin Sims, Co-Founder of Sync2Sell. "At Sync2Sell, we strive to empower musicians and music retailers with powerful e-commerce tools. This integration will allow them to tap into the vibrant community of, expand their market reach, and grow their businesses with ease."

The integration is now available for Shopify users worldwide. To learn more about this integration or to get started, visit the Shopify App Store, the Sync2Sell website or contact their sales team directly at

About Sync2Sell:

Sync2Sell is a leading e-commerce integration platform that specializes in connecting online marketplaces with popular shopping carts and platforms. With a focus on music gear and instrument retailers, Sync2Sell empowers sellers to streamline operations, expand their reach, and maximize sales potential. To learn more, visit

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