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Sims Music

Sync2Sell's Origin Story

Sims Music, a music retailer established in 1979, has carved its niche in instrument sales, repair services, and comprehensive lesson programs. Rising to prominence as the premier music retailer in the Carolinas, Sims Music recognized the imperative need to tap into new marketplaces and broaden its customer base. Justin Sims and his partner Greg Talbot, who had created a very successful online furniture business, created Sync2Sell.

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Initially, Sync2Sell began as a strategy to integrate Sims Music's extensive inventory into Reverb, an online marketplace for musical instruments. The decision yielded remarkable results, seeing a huge surge in sales. Sims Music has seen a 700% growth of Reverb sales since starting their integration


Encouraged by the success of Reverb, Justin Sims wanted to extend the reach of Sync2Sell to encompass synchronization with other major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. This strategic expansion proved to be a game-changer, triggering a monumental spike in sales for the family-owned music store.

With Sync2Sell facilitating synchronization across multiple platforms, Sims Music experienced a meteoric rise in sales figures. The monthly sales average soared to new heights by adding both Amazon and eBay. The exponential growth in sales caused Sims Music to hire multiple additional employees to package, ship items, and photograph items. Showcasing the transformative impact of Sync2Sell on Sims Music's operational dynamics.

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