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How It Works

In this day and age it is difficult for brick & mortar retailers to focus on the day to day tasks of running a business, while also managing a successful online business. At Sync2Sell, we take your inventory, product photos and description, pricing, and any other valuable information and then connect it to the online marketplace of your choice. By automate this function, you will no longer need to manually create listings or bulk edit spreadsheets! The items of your choice will be automated to list online for sale and when sold, the items are automatically rung up in your Point of Sale, keeping inventory nice and organized! Eliminate the stress and headaches of online marketplaces by letting us help automate your business so you can grow and thrive!

Meet Your New Employee

Imagine having an employee that works 24/7, 365 Days a Year who spends every second helping you grow your online business! This employee would update all of your images, content, and price changes to different marketplaces, ring up your online orders for you, and even tell you in real time what information you are missing in order to post more items. Well imagine no more...this is exactly what Sync2Sell can do for you. Eliminate having to trust someone to manually edit information in multiple locations at all hours of the day and night. With S2S, you can focus on your day to day in your Retail shop, while trusting that your online business is on autopilot!

Sync2Sell Features

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Inventory Sync

Sync your Lightspeed Retail inventory to online marketplaces! When an item sells in store, it will be removed from all marketplaces and vice versa for a sale online!

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Order Sync

When you sell an item online, your marketplace order will sync into your Lightspeed Retail account. The customer's account will be created and the sale will take place just as if it was in your shop!

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Bulk Edit

With S2S you can edit marketplace specifics for your products in bulk! What would take hours to do on a marketplace now only takes seconds!

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Posting Reports

Stay up to date on which items in your Lightspeed inventory are not posting to marketplaces and why. Quickly edit these errors within S2S and your items will post!

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