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Sync Your Shop & Grow Your Business

At Sync2Sell, we connect your Lightspeed Point of Sale to online marketplaces so you can worry less about manually uploading inventory and more about fulfilling orders and helping customers! With Sync2Sell you can sync all of your inventory, photos, content, and orders, as well as manage your listings within your Lightspeed shop!

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Manage Online Marketplaces
Within Your Lightspeed Account!

Sync2Sell Features

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Inventory Sync

Sync your Lightspeed Retail inventory to online marketplaces! When an item sells in store, it will be removed from all marketplaces and vice versa for a sale online!

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Order Sync

When you sell an item online, your marketplace order will sync into your Lightspeed Retail account. The customer's account will be created and the sale will take place just as if it was in your shop!

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Bulk Edit

With S2S you can edit marketplace specifics for your products in bulk! What would take hours to do on a marketplace now only takes seconds!

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Posting Reports

Stay up to date on which items in your Lightspeed inventory are not posting to marketplaces and why. Quickly edit these errors within S2S and your items will post!

Online Marketplaces

The More You Sync, The More You Sell!



Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace selling a wide variety of products, reaching millions of customers all over the globe. Amazon continues to be the leader in online sales and there’s no reason that a brick and mortar shop can't be a part of their success.  Sync2Sell allows you to connect all of your inventory to the marketplace so you can thrive and grow, as more and more shoppers go online for the products they need and want.



eBay is one of the  top online marketplaces where any type of business can sell their products all over the world. Whether you are a clothing, golf, cycling, or any other type of retailer, you can use Sync2Sell to connect your shop to eBay and see huge sales success.



Reverb is the world’s largest online music marketplace. Small and medium sized music retail shops have the ability to reach millions of customers globally to sell new and used gear. Sync2Sell customers can instantly sync their entire inventory to Reverb, allowing them to thrive in an ever growing ecommerce world.

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