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How do I manage all of these ebay item specifics?!

If you have been selling on ebay for a while, you probably recently started receiving emails over and over again warning you about item specifics that would soon be required for your products to be listed. If you are like me, you probably ignored the emails over and over again. And if you did this, you also realized one day your ebay listings weren’t updating properly or maybe creating a new listing all of the sudden wasn’t as simple as it had been (but let’s be honest…creating a listing on ebay has never been easy). Nowadays if you want to list as much of your inventory as possible, you are required to abide by the item specifics that ebay has set for each product group. While this does add extra work to your already busy schedule, these specifics are helpful for you to sell more items! Your customers can now filter products better than before and if you are playing the game correctly, you are now going to have a competitive edge over others! Making sure your products have the correct info filled out for things like Type, Size, Suitable For, etc will only help your listings and bring you to more customers.

So now we know we’ve got to get to work on our item specifics. Easier said than done right? As we all know, ebay’s platform is not very user friendly for sellers. Its clunky, outdated interface makes it difficult and extremely time consuming to create and edit listings already. So now to have to fill in specifics or to even try and attempt to use the ebay bulk edit tool to do this…you may just go crazy. There are a variety of platforms out there that can integrate to your ebay shop and allow you to manage your overall inventory but very few that can let you knock out all of the item specifics within seconds.

Due to eBay’s changes with item specifics, we at Sync2Sell rebuilt our entire ebay integration for Lightspeed POS so that you can manage your shop’s listings easier than ever before. Now with a few clicks of the mouse, you can edit item specifics for hundreds of listings within seconds! And on top of that, we will give you a real time report showing each item specific that you are needing to fill out so that you can quickly edit them and then go on about running your business. Let’s discuss an example of this. Let’s say you run a guitar shop and you’ve got a great selection of electric guitars. Well even though you may have these items categorized as “Electric Guitar” in your shop, these items are still unable to post or edit on ebay until they’ve got the “Type” field completed as “Electric Guitar”. So in this situation, you can just search your entire product category within Sync2Sell by Category (ie Electric Guitars) > Select All > Go to your ebay tab, Toggle on “Type” and select “Electric Guitar” from the pull down and click save! Just like that, your hundreds of beautiful electric guitars have their item specifics completed and are posted on ebay. Once you’ve done it a couple of times, you can probably edit those hundreds of items faster than you just read the previous steps mentioned. Just as with Type, you can manage all of your required specifics the same way. Also, ebay also has a wide selection of “Recommended Specifics” that you can edit in bulk just the same within Sync2Sell.

Marketplaces like ebay are amazing places for small and medium sized businesses to capture an online audience and really grow their business. But if you try to manage them all one at a time you will spend more time clicking between websites and getting frustrated than you would shipping out orders. Using Sync2Sell will allow you to manage all of your ebay information right there in your Lightspeed Retail account. You literally can create and edit thousands of listings and even message customers on ebay without ever having to actually go to ebay! Simplifying this process will allow you to list more, sell more, and grow more!

If you have any questions about item specifics or how the integration works with ebay, please do not hesitate to reach out and I’ll be happy to help!

Stay safe and sell away!


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